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Spa Treatments, Facials, Massages & Beauty Treatments Scarborough

If you need to relax or looking for a special treat? then look no further. Ox Pasture Hall Hotel & Spa at Scarborough North Yorkshire is perfect for a spa break or relaxing spa day on the Yorkshire coast. 

We have a great selection of Facials, Massages & Beauty Treatments 


Spa Treatments are available 7 days a week - Monday to Sunday between 8.30 am and 7.00 pm 

Treatments need to be booked in advance and are subject to availability.

Please call: 01723 365 601 or email: - for information or bookings   

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel SPA & Wellness perfect to relax your mind, body and soul❤️ ..relax, rejuvenate and unwind in our relaxing spa & wellness retreat. Book now and let the pampering begin! Please see terms and conditions of booking.

Feel Good Facial Rituals

Ocean Glow Feel Good Facial​ - 50 mins - £85

Feel uplifted and look instantly radiant with an indulgent sea mineral facial, combining facial massage and a choice of results-driven peel-off alginate masks to promote a youthful glow. ​


Hydra Boost Refresher Facial​ - 25 mins - £48

An express pro-ageing mud facial, to instantly boost skin radiance and vitality with potent sea minerals for optimum skin health.​


Gua Sha Mineral Eye Lift​ - 25 mins - £48

Cooling guasha eye treatment with multi-minerals and vitamins A, C and E, for instant brightening and toning of the eye area.​


Yogassage Signature Sculpting Seaweed Facial - 75 mins - £125

A powerful pro-ageing double-mud seaweed facial with yoga-inspired facial massage to lift, tone and sculpt, whilst inducing deep relaxation and feelings of happiness.​


Dermalogica ProSkin25 – 25 mins - £50

Looking for a high impact treatment? Our intensive 25-minute treatment is designed by our experts specifically for you and your most pressing skin concern. This bespoke service combines key steps of professional exfoliation and deep serum treatment, to provide you with visible results fast. Experience brighter and healthier skin.

Dermalogica ProSkin50 – 50 mins - £90

Want the best skin you’ve ever had? Our ultimate 50-minute treatment is customised to target all of your skin needs and to leave your skin radiant and glowing. Experience dramatic results in a secluded and relaxing environment. 

Includes Face Mapping®, double cleansing, advanced professional exfoliants and serums, completely bespoke and tailored to your skin goals.  


Please click here to see our full range of Dermalogica facials and skin care treatmentsDermalogica is the No.1 professional skincare brand in the UK and Ireland, used and recommended by over 20,000 skin therapists.


Feel Good Scalp + Hair 

Peaceful Seas Nurturing Face, Shoulder + Scalp Ritual​ - 50 mins - £85

A calming facial, scalp and shoulder pressure point chakra massage, using sea minerals to fully de-stress the mind and leave skin glowing.​


Soothing Hot Oil + Mud Seaweed Scalp Massage​ - 25 mins - £54

A deeply relaxing and tension-relieving scalp massage using warmed aromatherapy oils followed by an application of hot seaweed scalp mud.​


Feel Good Massage

Soothing Back Massage​ - 25 mins - £48

Comforting back massage with hot aromatherapy oil to release deep set tension within the back muscles of the body. 


Pregnancy Massage​ - 25 mins - £55

50 mins - £99

Massage can help raise your endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine levels. These neurochemicals affect your happiness levels and make you feel good. Massage can also reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. And, obviously, feeling happy and de-stressed can only be beneficial for you and your baby. Only available after your first trimester our experienced therapists will provide a relaxing experience to elevate the effects of pregnancy on your body. 

There is an abundance of evidence which supports the benefits of pregnancy massage at this special time:

Helps relieve stress and release muscular tension
Helps to avoid constipation and haemorrhoids
Reduces oedema by lymphatic drainage
Helps to avoid varicose veins
Induces deep relaxation and peaceful sleep
Can help the respiratory system and aid breathing during pregnancy and birth
Stimulates the circulation, providing essential nutrients to you and the baby.
Helps with Pelvic Girdle, symphysis pubis and back pain.

Aromatherapy Massage​ - 25 mins - £55

50 mins - £99

Aromatherapy massage will treat all areas of the body most prone to stress and tension, such as the back, shoulders and neck, along with the upper and lower legs, arms and hands. The blend of incredible oils and the luxurious massage will send you into complete relaxation, and you'll leave feeling renewed. 


Hot Stone Massage​ - 25 mins - £55

50 mins - £99

Hot stone massage begins with a traditional Swedish massage technique to prepare your muscles. Your spa therapist will then place the warm stones on key acupressure points on your body. The stones warm and relax your muscles, allowing deeper pressure to be applied during your massage. 


Yogassage Soothing Waves Ritual – Full Body​ - 75 mins - £125

A comforting massage experience like no other. After full alignment of the body and checks for comfort, experience an ocean waves and yoga-inspired full body, hand and foot massage, using long sweeping movements with gentle stretching and muscle manipulation to release deep set tension within the joints and muscles of the body. 


Yogassage Calming Waves Ritual – Back of body​ - 35 mins - £69

Our signature ocean waves and yoga-inspired calming back massage treatment, using stretching and muscle manipulation to address specific areas of tension on the back of the body whilst being deeply relaxing.​


Hot Salt Rock Stress Relief+ Relax Massage – Full Body​ - 50 mins - £90

Indulge in an extraordinary sensory journey utilising warmed natural Himalayan Salt Rocks to massage the entire body. Using comforting rhythmical and deep tissue techniques designed to deeply relax your mind whilst melting away muscular tension and leaving skin deeply nourished with sea minerals. ​


Hot Salt Rock Muscle Mend+ Soothe Massage – Back of body​ - 50 mins - £90

A targeted back of body massage using warmed natural Himalayan Salt Rocks, to break down muscular tension and soothe the body and mind. Sea mineral products are utilised, to promote natural healing, remineralisation, and deeply hydrated skin.  ​


Yogassage Signature Ocean Flow + Glow Ritual​ - 90 mins - £149

A pure spa indulgence massage and body cleansing ritual, designed to deeply relax the body and mind, whilst replenishing the skin with nourishing sea minerals. Incorporating our signature yoga-inspired waves ritual and sensory journey, heated salt bolsters and deeply comforting muscle stretching and manipulation. Finishing with a warming skin hydration ritual, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.​

Feel Good Foot Rituals

Sea Salt Foot Renewal ​- 25 mins - £39

Soften, nourish and relax dry, aching feet with a Sea Magik salt exfoliation and massage ritual to leave skin smooth and feet floating on air.


Barefoot Bliss ​- 40 mins - £59

A thorough Sea Salt exfoliation for your legs and feet followed by a hydrating Dead Sea Mud Mask, to comfort, soften and detoxify.


Feel Good Body Rituals

Coco Avocado Tropical Skin Drench ​- 50 mins - £85

A deeply relaxing tropical spa treatment for the ultimate in skin moisturisation and glow. Including full body skin exfoliation and coconut oil drench, deep tissue back of body massage and relaxing scalp massage.​


Serenisea Signature Decadent Mud Experience​ - 90 mins - £149

Treat yourself from top-to-toe with a luxuriously pampering sea mineral mud ritual incorporating pro-ageing facial, heavenly scalp massage, full body exfoliation, warm mud application. ​


Relaxing Dead Sea Mud Cocoon​ - 50 mins - £90

A nourishing and healing full body Dead Sea mud and exfoliation treatment with scalp massage, designed to melt away muscular tension whilst deeply hydrating and soothing the skin.​


Dead Sea Salt Brushing Skin Renewal​ - 25 mins - £48

Revitalise the mind and reveal fresh, smooth, nourished skin, with an invigorating full body exfoliation using pure Dead Sea salt, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.​ 


Signature Ox Pasture Ritual of the back - 75 mins - £129 

The start of this one-of-a-kind treatment is a cleansed body with warmed hand mitts and wash followed by a full body exfoliation with Dead Sea Salt. Then a massage of the back, neck and shoulders with uplifting stress relief oil alongside heated Himalayan salts. A Dead Sea Mud Mask is then applied, and a pressure point massage is then performed of the head. Finally finishing with a smoothing lotion to moisturise your body locking in all nutrients that have been applied. A truly luxurious treatment.


Signature Ox Pasture Ritual of the body - 120 mins - £199

The start of this one-of-a-kind treatment is a cleansed body with warmed hand mitts and wash followed by a full body exfoliation with Dead Sea Salt. Then a massage of the back of the body with uplifting stress relief oil alongside heated Himalayan salts. A Dead Sea Mud Mask is then applied, and a pressure point massage is then performed of the head. Finally finishing with a smoothing lotion to moisturise your body locking in all nutrients that have been applied. Then this is all repeated on the front of your body finishing with a relaxing facial and a pressure point massage. You will feel revitalised at the end of this wonderful 2-hour treatment.


If you are looking for a special gift for a loved one, we have a great selection of hotel gift vouchersspa gift vouchers to use at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel & Spa in North Yorkshire. Monetary gift vouchers can be exchanged for relaxing or romantic breaks, spa breaks, spa treatments and spa day experiences, food in the restaurant or a contribution towards a special occasion. The Perfect Christmas gift for family and friends.