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Sauna & Steam Room

If you need to relax or looking for a special treat? then look no further. Ox Pasture Hall Hotel at Scarborough North Yorkshire is perfect for a luxury spa break, relaxing spa day or luxury hotel getaway on the Yorkshire coast. 
Thermal spa treatments
help you de-stress, relieve aches, pains and stiff joints, relax your muscles, detox your skin and aid respiration and blood flow.

Sauna V Steam Room

The big difference between a Steam Room and Sauna is in the type of heat that they provide.

A sauna uses dry heat, usually from hot rocks or a closed stove. Steam rooms are heated by steam from a generator filled with boiling water.

While a sauna may help you relax and loosen your muscles, a steam room may have even further health benefits. The key to the steam room’s unique health benefits is the humidity.

Steam rooms are wet and tropical-like. They are heated to between 114 and 120 degrees and designed to maintain humidity from 95% to 100%.

When you enter a steam room, you’ll probably notice droplets right away on your skin because of the high humidity. The air may even feel thick.

In contrast, saunas are dry and desert-like. They are typically made of wood and heated to between 160 and 200 degrees, with humidity levels near zero.

Health benefits of a Sauna
Research shows that regularly spending time in a sauna can improve your cardiovascular health, lower your stroke risk, boost your immune system, help control blood pressure, aid in your body’s relaxation process, and provide opportunities for socialization.

Health Benefits of Steam Rooms
Steam bathing is a very old practice used by many cultures in different countries. The ancient Greeks and Romans regularly used steam bathing and hot springs. Indigenous peoples also used steam and sweating as health practices. Today, steam therapy and sauna therapy are popular in Finland.

Steam rooms have specific health benefits. These include:

Clearing congestion
Improving skin health
Lowering blood pressure
Improving circulation
Easing bronchitis symptoms
Workout recovery
Lowering joint stiffness

Please note. While there are lots of benefits associated with a steam room and sauna, people using them should do so with caution and be aware of the risks.

Due to the heat, there is a risk of dehydrating the body and it is advisable not to spend longer than 15 minutes inside. It is important to drink plenty of water before and after use.

Due to the extreme heat in steam rooms and saunas, there are certain people who are advised to avoid them:
pregnant women
anyone with heart disease
those with very low or high blood pressure
anyone with epilepsy
those taking antibiotics
recovering from surgery

users of mind-altering drugs, such as stimulants, tranquilizers, or alcohol

If someone has any concerns about using a steam room or sauna, they should check with a doctor first.

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